Our Story

It All Started

“July, 1968 when it all started!  South Peninsula Disposal, Daytona Beach, FL.  I was 6.” Brian Jongetjes


The Franklin Street Shop in Whitewater

The Franklin Street shop in Whitewater.  This site was used from 1982 until 1992.  The room Johns was in was used as the office, parts room and restroom all in one – very efficient!


1978 Ford F800

1978 Ford F800 used for the Whitewater commercial route. She sported a 3208 Cat 210 HP with a 10-speed Roadranger transmission.


1974 F800 Heil Mark V

1974 F800 Heil Mark V used for Elkhorn residential routes.  She sported a 3208 Cat 225 HP with a 5-speed Spicer and a 2-speed rear-end splitter.


Palmyra Recycling Building in 1984

This was our Palmyra recycling building in 1984.  Sorted mostly cardboard from commercial/industrial loads to save landfill space.  The value of cardboard was low at the time.


First Recycling Conveyor

First conveyor for sorting recycling at the Palmyra Landfill in 1984.


1976 GMC

This was a 1976 GMC with 25 yd Leach used on residential routs in Whitewater and Jefferson, she sported a 671 Detroit with a 10-speed Roadranger.  This image taken in 1988.


First recycling building in Whitewater

First recycling building in Whitewater built in 1988.  This started as a mixed-waste processing facility that sorted recyclable materials out from the trash.


1979 Mack

This was a 1979 Mack with a 1989 25yd Leach 2R used on residential routes in Jefferson.  She sported a 237 Maxidyne with a 5-speed transmission.  Image taken in 1990.


More Macks!

1987 Mack with a 285 Mack with Mack 6-speed trans on the left with a 1984 Mack with a Mack 237 with a 5-speed trans on the right.


Whitewater single-stream sorting

First single-stream sorting system in Whitewater in 2001.  These were Lubo screens manufactured in the Netherlands by Bolegraff Manufacturing.


Recycling carts

Recycling carts in the Whitewater recycling building.

Norway Recycling Facility

Norway recycling facility under construction.  Completed in November, 2011.