Walworth, Village

Garbage collection every week (Brown cart)

Please place in the brown garbage cart:

  • Plastic wrap, plastic bags, broken toys
  • Ceramics, light bulbs
  • Bagged garbage & food waste
  • Styrofoam & other loose trash

Please put bagged trash in the brown cart.  Bags that are tied keep the carts clean.

Do not put the following in the brown cart:

  • Yard waste
  • Recyclables
  • Household hazardous waste
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Construction materials
  • Electronics

Recycle collection every other week (Green cart)

Please place in the green recycle cart:

Mixed Containers-

  • Aluminum cans & clean aluminum foil
  • Tin cans, steel cans, aerosol cans, empty dried paint cans
  • Glass bottles & jars
  • #1-7 plastic
  • Milk cartons, juice boxes, soup cartons

Mixed Paper-

  • Newspaper – Magazines – Books – Mail
  • School/office paper
  • Brown corrugated cardboard
  • Gray chipboard (cereal and shoe boxes)
  • Brown paper bags

Shredded paper-

Please put shredded paper in a secured clear plastic bag, and place in the GREEN cart.  NO other recycling should be placed in bags.

Do not put the following items in the green cart:

  • Styrofoam of any kind
  • Yard waste
  • Trash
  • Household hazardous waste
  • Construction materials
  • Electronics
  • Clothing

Please do not put recycling in plastic bags. (see exemption for shredded paper)  Local clean sweep programs may offer alternative options for disposal of fluorescent light bulbs, household hazardous waste, pharmaceuticals & electronics. 

Bulk Collection (2nd week of every month)

This service is for items that do not fit into your garbage or recycle cart.

Acceptable bulk items:

  • Furniture – large metal items – Appliances – Air conditioners
  • Extra garbage bags or garbage in personal cans
  • Carpeting (no wider than 4ft & rolled)
  • Cardboard (flattened & empty)
  • Tires (2 per home per month – 8 per year)
  • Drain oil & antifreeze (sealed in 1-5 gallon containers)
  • Paper & other recyclables should be in clear plastic bags
  • Humidifiers/De-humidifiers – Water softeners

UnAcceptable bulk items:

  • Yard waste
  • Electronics
  • Hazardous materials
  • Liquid paint
  • Loose bulk construction materials

All items for bulk pick up should be placed within 2 feet of curbside and 6 feet from the garbage/recycling containers

Cart Placement:

  • The arrows on the lid of the cart must point to the street
  • Handles and wheels should face away from the street
  • The garbage cart should be placed within 2ft of the street on one side of the driveway
  • The recycle cart should be placed within 2ft of the street on the other side of the driveway
  • Please keep 6ft of clearance between the carts and other objects, especially mailboxes and vehicles

Click here to download the Village of Walworth Automated Brochure.